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Agnieszka Okleja
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Licence MF nr 3348/2003

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The company was founded in 2004.

The company has all required authorisations (licence issued by Ministry of Finance nr 3348/2003 and 25794/2008, insurance OC).

The area of our activity covers Warsaw and its suburbs.

We serve one-man companies (Economic activity/self-employment) and small and medium firms (Ltd.) We serve polish and english-speaking customers.

We don't lower our prices in every possible way just to expect later to be paid for every little extra detail. The prices, we are not going to hide it, are not the lowest - however the benefits are obvious and evident.
It is possible to decrease our prices significantly, but it would force us to cut the expences on development issues: training, software and hardware updating, thus that could have negative impact on the company, the quality of our sevice, and finally - on the Customer.

Agnieszka Okleja; ul. Skarbka z Gór 7/19; 03-287 Warszawa; NIP 826-177-95-87; REGON: 712563232; E-mail: